LifeSign ME Lite

Astrology and Horoscope app

Features of LifeSign ME Lite

Panchanga Predictions

Predictions based on Nakshatra (Birth Star), Weekday, Thithi, Karana and Nithya yoga.

Paryanthar Dasa

Calculations of the sub-sub period of planets within the duration of months.

Shodashvarga charts

The 16 divisional charts, the corresponding tables and its values like Rasi chart, Hora chart, Chaturthamsa chart, Saptamsa chart, Navamsa chart etc.

Sayana & Nirayana Longitude of Planets

The longitude calculations, rasi, longitude in the rasi, the star, the star lord, the sub lord, the sub-sub lord etc.

Planetary Analysis

Calculations to measure the planetary strength and grahavastha.

Vargottama & Varga Bheda

Analyses of the finer conditions, strengths, and effects of the planets on specific aspects of life. Tables for Vargottama & Varga Bheda are provided.

Jaimini System

Calculations based on this system - Jaimini aspects, karaka planets, karakamsa, Lagna, bhava, arudham, upapadam etc.

Ayanamsa Options

Includes Lahiri or Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa, Raman Ayanamsa, Krishnamurthy Ayanamsa, and Thirukanitham Ayanamsa.

Large Database of Cities

Built-in database of cities (their longitudes, latitudes and time zones) around the world enables faster horoscope generation.

Compare LifeSign Me Lite With LifeSign Me Standard

Features LifeSign ME Lite LifeSign ME Standard
PDF Conversion of Reports No 60 pages and above
Panchanga Predictions Yes Yes
Paryanthar Dasa Yes Yes
Shodashvarga charts Yes Yes
Sayana & Nirayana Longitude of Planets Yes Yes
Planetary Analysis Yes Yes
Vargottama & Varga Bheda Yes Yes
Jaimini System Yes Yes
Ayanamsa Options Yes Yes
Bhava Predictions Partial Yes
Dasa-Apahara Predictions Partial Yes
Transit Predictions Partial Yes
Yogas Partial Yes
Favourable Periods Partial Yes
Ashtakavarga Partial Yes
Doshas and Remedies Partial Yes
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Benefits of LifeSign ME Lite

  • Quick horoscope generation.
  • Accurate calculations & predictions.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • You can use it even while travelling.
  • Can make consultations from anywhere, any time.
  • Increases the no. of horoscope consultations.
  • More consultations bring more income.
  • Available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya and Bengali.
  • North Indian, South Indian, Bengali, Kerala & Sri Lankan chart formats available.
  • Good after-sales support.


A horoscope can be considered as the divine or cosmic pattern of an individual's life & character. It is based on the unique planetary positions at the time of birth. This unique planetary alignment is captured and presented on the horoscope that can be analysed to know about the person's life and character.
A horoscope is important as it can be interpreted to tell about the various aspects of the individual's life. It can also reveal the possibilities in the future.

Generating horoscopes using LifeSign ME Lite: Astrology and Horoscope app is as easy as saying 'one-two-three'. Once the app is installed, you can tap open it and provide the birth details - date, time and place of birth of the person. An accurate horoscope with predictions & calculations will be ready on your screen when you touch the 'Generate' button.

LifeSign ME Lite generates horoscopes with various predictions. To get full and detailed predictions, you need to upgrade this app. You can upgrade this product to the full version LifeSign ME Standard.

The benefits of this horoscope app are many! First of all, it's a FREE horoscope app generating quick & accurate horoscopes on your mobile. It lets you prepare horoscopes at any time and from anywhere you go. If you are an astrologer, you can use this app to make consultations even when you travel. Overall, it improves the efficiency of professional astrologers. It increases the no. of consultations you make and increases your revenue.

It's a perfect FREE horoscope app for the professional astrologers / astrology business. This app can improve your efficiency and generate more income at zero investment. It helps you to attend your customers' queries even while travelling. Using this app, you can generate horoscopes and make consultations from anywhere and at any time. It increases the no. of consultations you make and lets you generate more income.

Why LifeSign ME Lite?

Generating free horoscopes using LifeSign ME Lite is as easy as saying 'one-two-three'. Install the app, tap open and provide the birth details; an accurate horoscope with calculations and predictions will be ready on your mobile screen. You can read and analyse horoscopes on mobile from anywhere you go and at any time you want. It makes an accurate astrology tool that you can carry anywhere. When this free astrology app gives you these benefits, why to go for any other application? Install LifeSign ME Lite: Astrology and Horoscope app; make consultations even while travelling.

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Praveen Venugopal

My friend reffered this app and I shocked when I saw the report it's truly amazing and satisfied with the prediction

Shikhar Kumar Dubey

Wonderfull aap......exact calculations regarding astrology. Very benefic. It is my pleasure to have this application. A person from Lifesign astrovision Mr. Shailesh is an awesome person and have a very nice behavior towards their customers.

Saurabh Deora

It's an amazing app... Very accurate and most comprehensive in the world. Because it displays all the minute things of astrology.

koteswar Rao

Astro Vision Life Sign ME standard is one of the world's best software. There are many new features which are accurate and user friendly. I appreciate your astrological software company for your great efforts.

Dileep Johari

My first experience with your app was good, but I could not get help from it for my complete information. I have sent a request for full version for complete information through your app but have not yet given any information from your side. Please provide information about the cost of full version.Please answer me as soon as possible.

Sankar Iyer

Excellent ...more easily one can predict Very useful to Astro beginners and ASTROLOGY consultation

Angel Hope Shakti Athena

Very nice app, I have also bought the lifetime full Astro Vision Software, one officer Miss Yamuna was wonderful, very professional yet very supportive, all I need to say is that wonderful experience, Software is very good, service is also excellent, thanks to the Yamuna, Thanks Astro Vision 😇🙏

Lets Dance Academy

Hi. I'm Hiruni from Sri Lanka, that app is fantastic. And we can get any help online at any time. Specifically, Achesh helped me a lot. He is very kind and helpful. Thank you.